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Yes, I know, it's .cam, not .com . Let's move on, shall we? This is primarily a podcast  about podcasts. So if you're new to podcasts, or are looking for something new or different to listen to, or watch, I'll be your personal sherpa. If you look below, you'll see links to this podcast. I interview podcasters, people from the entertainment industry, folks on social media, imaginary friends, and old plates of pasta. So, have a listen, share with your friends (or enemies, if you don't like it ), leave a nice review, follow me on social media, and join the Sherpalution...#VivaLaSherpalution!

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New Episode! "The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Sherry Nelson! (Season 9 Finale)"

She's got almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, and is one of the most down-to-earth, and gracious people that you'll …

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/the-sherpa-screening-room-meet-sherry-nelson-season-9-finale/
2 months ago
New Episode! "The Shera Screening Room: Meet Steven Adam Renkovish!"

Sometimes, dear Rebels, it pays to go straight to the source. Which is exactly why I was fortunate to speak to Steven. "The Awake…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/the-shera-screening-room-meet-steven-adam-renkovish/
2 months ago
Yay! Steven Jay Rubin (@ChampagneLeader ) returns to "Too Many Podcasts!" We're discussing his podcast ("Steven Jay Rubin's Saturday Night at the Movies") his latest projects, and, of course, all things related to cool movies. Listen on podcast apps or at https://t.co/R3bBzfTXTd
2 months ago
New Episode! "Steven Jay Rubin Returns! And he's bringing his podcast with him this time!"

Always a pleasure to speak with Steve Rubin, now doing his own movie podcast, which just so happens to be p…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/steven-jay-rubin-returns-and-hes-bringing-his-podcast-with-him-this-time/
2 months ago
Another month! It's a new day! Check http://sherpalution.com/about for a listing of this month's guests. You can also hear "Too Many Podcasts !" on podcast apps everywhere. #VivaLaSherpalution !December 01, 2022 at 07:04AM December 01, 2022 at 07:04AM
2 months ago
It's a new month of guests on "Too Many Podcasts!" Go to http://sherpalution.com/about for information, and more! Available on podcast apps everywhere.
2 months ago
Sound Engineer Supreme, Frank Verderosa (@FrankVerderosa ) is today's guest on "Too Many Podcasts!" Lots more great stories here. Listen on podcast apps and Leave a tweet here!
2 months ago
New Episode! "Good Audio, Guns, and Gilbert! It's the "Everyday Odysseys" of Frank Verderosa!"

This was a good one, Rebels. Frank was a real treat to talk to, and as you'll hear, lots of fun.He's re…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/good-audio-guns-and-gilbert-its-the-everyday-odysseys-of-frank-verderosa/
2 months ago
New Episode! "The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Marc Sheffler ! (Warning:Some Strong Language)"

After well over 200 episodes, I can say I've heard a pretty wide range of people's life stories. But, as…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/the-sherpa-screening-room-meet-marc-sheffler-warningsome-strong-language/
2 months ago
It's a chat with filmmaker Bryan Parkerson (@DawnJouneyProd), of "That Other Interview Show"! "Too Many Podcasts!" is on podcast apps everywhere , and on https://smpl.is/36ro
2 months ago
New Episode! "Time for My Close-Up! It's Filmmaker Bryan Parkerson of "That Other Interview Show"!"

It's funny how this interview sort of turns into a "Filmmaking 101" masterclass. But that's where …

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/time-for-my-close-up-its-filmmaker-bryan-parkerson-of-that-other-interview-show/
2 months ago
I was lucky enough to be a guest on @AaronBossig 's show, "Hungry Trilobyte". Have a listen, ok?
222 months ago
New Episode! "The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet John Bukowski!"

Sooooo...who doesn't like a good suspense novel? ( Okay, no one asked you, you with the hat.) With the types of novels that John enjoyed…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/the-sherpa-screening-room-meet-john-bukowski/
2 months ago
Reading Rebels! Meet John Bukowski, author of the suspense novel, "Project Suicide." "Too Many Podcasts!" is on podcast apps everywhere ,and https://smpl.is/31kl .
2 months ago
(Moment for a humble brag) Per http://chartable.com : Apple Podcasts>Japan> Performing Arts Podcasts. Last week I was 128! Listen, subscribe, review, and comment here! Origato!!
2 months ago
He's here! It's "The One Man Enterprise", Flynn Hendrix @IKYHMPod , of the "I Know You Hear Me" podcast! Listen to "Too Many Podcasts" on podcast apps & https://smpl.is/31lc .
12 months ago
New Episode! "It's Voice Over Actor Flynn Hendrix of "I Know You Hear Me" (aka The Headlock Episode)!!!"

It's easy to say Flynn is a nice guy and a lot of fun. Provided you're FAR away from a wrestl…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/its-voice-over-actor-flynn-hendrix-of-i-know-you-hear-me-aka-the-headlock-episode/
2 months ago
Another month! It's a new day! Check http://sherpalution.com/about for a listing of this month's guests. You can also hear "Too Many Podcasts !" on podcast apps everywhere. #VivaLaSherpalution !November 01, 2022 at 06:59AM November 01, 2022 at 06:59AM
2 months ago
It's a new month of guests on "Too Many Podcasts!" Go to http://sherpalution.com/about for information, and more! Available on podcast apps everywhere.
2 months ago
New Episode! "Trick or Treat! It's Jennifer Page, of "I Talk To Ghosts" !!"

Happy Halloween, Rebels! (Or Happy Millard Fillmore day, if you're listening on another day.) "Odd Tonic" might be on a br…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/trick-or-treat-its-jennifer-page-of-i-talk-to-ghosts/
2 months ago
Love movies? Listen to today's interview with Mike White, of "The Projection Booth" podcast! "Too Many Podcasts!" is on podcast apps everywhere and https://t.co/2KKz5Lv2pY
112 months ago
New Episode! "It's the King of the Movie Deep Dive, Mike White, of "The Projection Booth"!"

I normally don't come across podcasts that get high marks from other media, (Not like you'll find this pod…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/its-the-king-of-the-movie-deep-dive-mike-white-of-the-projection-booth/
112 months ago
@TheLisaGilroy I would reply about this travesty, but "your people" told me I wasn't short enough to be an Oompah Loompah. What goes around......
2 months ago
New Episode! "The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet DJ Shattine!"

I know I say this a lot, Rebels, (mostly because I'm right and love to see my printed predictions, tee-hee) but DJ falls on my list of act…

Player links & show notes: https://www.sherpalution.com/the-sherpa-screening-room-meet-dj-shattine/
2 months ago
Get to know actor DJ Shattine(@RealDJShattine) in"The Sherpa Screening Room" and the story of his acting career. "Too Many Podcasts!" is on podcast apps & https://smpl.is/2zsq .
2 months ago

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The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Debbie Sue Goodman!
27 Sep 2023, 10h00
And now, Rebels, meet writer, actor, comic impressionist, vocalist, knife thrower (ummm, not sure about that last one)Debbie Sue Goodman. Thanks for coming on the show, Debbie Sue!

Debbie Sues info:
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Acting/ Life Coach David Thompson!
20 Sep 2023, 10h00
My conversation with David strongly reinforces the advice that weve gotten here from so many actors. Remember all those "Ws", aspiring actors! (And its only "woohoo" when you get the part, by the way!...
Find out what's on The Sherpa's Podcast Playlist! (Inquiring Minds want to know...something else...)
13 Sep 2023, 10h00
So, every time I have a podcaster on, I always ask them for podcast recommendations. But I realize its been a while since I got to talk about some of MY faves. So, I present to you, Rebels of the Sher...
Andrew Johnson sharing Wisdom on "The 3-13: Men Money and Marriage" (Which 2 does the Sherpa screw up?)
06 Sep 2023, 11h00
Another guest from the Wisdom app, you say? Yesiree, Bob! (Although I dont know who Bob is, but I know hes not my uncle, you there in the U.K.) This interview was borne from an absolutely fascinating ...
It's Mike Cannici, of "In The Spotlight", on his many guests (but not Christopher Guest...yet) !!
30 Aug 2023, 10h00
Heres a guy who started with local interviews, which grew into a larger show with even more well-known folks. (My show only becomes larger by eating more and standing on its toes.) And this is the epi...
The return of "Too Many 80's Songs"...Live on AMP!!
23 Aug 2023, 11h00
Even though it initially made a semi-splash, doing "Too Many 80s Songs" was so much fun for me ,being such an 80s music fan. And now I get to try it again!. Just download the Amp app, and look for @po...
The Always Wonderful Allison Sharpe with Wonderful Life Advice!
16 Aug 2023, 11h00
So heres a treat for you, Rebels! A few years back, I did a little side project called "The Expert Factory", where I had folks come on to give advice. (Which explains why you dont hear too much of me ...
Better Late Than Never? The short, delayed Episode!
10 Aug 2023, 11h00
Its under 20 minutes today! Since I could not get either of my "hoped for" interviews recorded in enough time, I figured it was time for a mini-episode. So, its about whats going on in the Sherpa Chal...
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Songwriter/Musician Lisa Marie Barnes!
02 Aug 2023, 11h00
Multi-talented AND multi-instrumental! In the short time that we had our interview, you can really tell how much Lisa Marie cares about her craft, and how much she does to follow her vision, whether i...
A Not Diffi-"cult" chat with Sharon & Tracey of "Feet of Clay-Confessions of the Cult Sisters"!!
26 Jul 2023, 11h00
WARNING: SOME STRONG LANGUAGE. (Does that make us heathens? Eh, probably not...) This was a great opportunity to get to hear an actual story of belonging to a religious cult, and the ladies were just ...
Break out your comic books!! Rocker/Writer Jesse Blaze Snider ("Coolest Geek Alive" ) Returns!
19 Jul 2023, 11h00
(*BIT OF STRONG LANGUAGE IN THIS ONE. SURPRISED? DIDN'T THINK SO...) So, Jesse texted me (yes, he has my number!) ,saying, "I have a podcast, give me publicity!" Done, my friend! I had so much fun...
Fly cheap! Meet Jared Kamrowski of thriftytraveler.com !!
12 Jul 2023, 11h00
Show of hands! Who wants to go away on a trip? (No, not with me, dont worry. Besides, youre raising your hand for an audio medium?) You know how I love educational and entertaining interviews, and thi...
The Sherpa Screening Room: Actress Victoria Bell! ("Heir of the Witch")
05 Jul 2023, 10h00
We Say "Buh Bye (to Season 10)"!!
28 Jun 2023, 10h00
Well, Rebels, its time for the mini-episode where I get to give thanks to all of those who made this season what it was. (What was it? Honestly, no idea.) If youre new to the show, simply subscribe to...
Headlines, Chalk Outlines, and Police Line-ups, with Robert Riggs of "True Crime Reporter"!! (Season 10 Finale)
21 Jun 2023, 10h00
The Short Episode!
14 Jun 2023, 10h00
Yep Rebels, another quick episode for ya. Stay fir the "Sherpa Samples", leave with a cannoli. Or something like that. In addition to mentioning the websites an apps I mentioned arent sponsors of the ...

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